Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Possible Baby Names Betting

Online bookmakers are now accepting bets on what the name of their child will be for those in the 918kiss know this is an opportunity to make a bit of money and have a bit of fun. Recent rumors suggest that the child will be a boy, Holmes sparked off the rumor after she was seen buying up loads of blue baby clothes. A source was quoted in The Sun as saying: “Katie didn’t even look at any of the clothes or toys for girls.” so now that we have this inside information we will focus on finding the winning bet.

The current favorites in the betting market are: Katie (8/1) & Thomas (8/1) but we feel that naming the child Thomas would be seen as arrogant by the Tom cruise sceptics, and our inside info suggests that it will be a boy, so we will look beyond Katie.


Bookmakers always try and have a bit of fun in these novelty markets and the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes betting market is no exception:

500/1 Iceman

500/1 Goose

150/1 Elvis Presley

I think it is fair to say we can rule out Nicole at 100/1 and also Penelope at 100/1. So where can we make some money from the Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes road show? We quite like the possibility of the name: Lee (12/1) or Cass (16/1) but we recommend keeping your ear to the ground for any new possible info over the coming few weeks. The market will close on Saturday the 4th March so if you want to see the full list of possibilities then click the link in this article source.

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