How to Paint Wood Cabinets

Not only will a new paint job to your wood cabinets help to increase the appeal of prospective property buyers, but it can really add to the atmosphere of a room. If you’re tired of the same old finish, grab your paint and brush and come on in! In this article, we will outline the steps to obtaining the wood cabinets you’ve always dreamed of.

Prep Work

Step 1 – Unhinge the cabinets with the aid of a screwdriver and place the hinges in a secure location. If you’ll be replacing the hinges during the job, it’s a good idea to at least keep one for reference.

Step 2 – Remove any and all knobs and metal fixtures from the area and store them as well.

Step 3 – Sand your surface to remove the current finish. Paint has a rough time sticking to smooth areas. Give it something to adhere to. Be sure to sand in the direction of the grain in order to avoid any unnecessary scratches.

Step 4 – Once your surface is completely sanded, clean your cabinets with warm water. Dust will only inhibit the paint from sticking, so be sure to wipe your areas well. Allow time to dry.


Step 1 – Find yourself an old drop cloth and lay in around the area you will be working. Start by priming the surface with a disposable brush with 2 to 3 coats, always moving in the direction of the grain. Once the primer has been applied, allow the surface to dry overnight.

Step 2 – The next day, begin adding your paint to the cabinets. ALWAYS MOVE IN THE DIRECTION OF THE GRAIN. Employ the use of a paint roller and brush to cover the majority of the area. Also be sure to tape any areas around the cabinets that you don’t wish to paint. Painters tape can be purchased at most hardware stores. Apply two coats to start and allow to dry.

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Step 3 – Repeat the process to the cabinet bases and drawers. Allow a period of at least two days to pass before returning them to their place.

Step 4 – If you are purchasing new hardware, use your old hardware to compare dimensions, and install once obtained. If you plan on using old hardware, you can clean it will soap and warm water. Be sure only to attach these pieces once paint has dried completely.

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